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Description automatically generated[29 September 2021] Returning to the Office: Prioritising your Mental Health
Delivered by Dr Joanne Collins



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Description automatically generated with low confidence [13 July 2021] Finding your Personal Brand
Delivered by Sophie Bryan



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Description automatically generated[3 June 2021] Why is the Word ‘Love’ Taboo in the Workplace!
Delivered by David Pearson



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[27 April 2021] How to Handle Hope
Delivered by Matt Greenough





[23 March 2021] Total Supply Considerations: Does your Supply Chain Deliver it’s Objectives?
Delivered by David Wells

[08 March 2021] International Women’s Day Webinar
Delivered by Meg Munn and Cecilia Passaniti Mezzano
Related course:


[17 February 2021] New Year, New Start: Careers
Delivered by Sophie Bryan
Related course:


 [04 February 2021] Why Forecast? A Policy Makers’ Guide During Uncertain Time
Delivered by NIESR - Dr Corrado Maccharelli
Related course: Macroeconomic Forecasting For The Public Sector And Civil Service


[27 January 2021] New Year, New Start - Health
Delivered by Sophie Bryan
Related course:
Download presentation slides here


 [19 January 2021] Leading with Impact and Purpose
Delivered by Keith Bleasdale
Related course: Leading with Impact and Purpose


[13 January 2021] How to Get your Voice Heard in Meetings
Delivered by Jo Clift
Related course:


[17 December 2020] Managing Reactions to Change in a Covid World
Delivered by Wyn Williams
Related course:


[19 November 2020] Is there a Business Case for Equality, Diversion  and  Inclusion?  
Delivered by Minaxi Mistry
Related course: The Business Case: Equality, Inclusion and Diversity – Enhancing Objectivity and  Decision Making

[05 November 2020] Evidence Based Policy Making: The Myth of Future Proofing
Delivered by Clair Fisher
Related course:Effective Policy Making

 [22 October 2020] Leading the Conversation – How to be Proactive with the Media Instead of Letting Them Lead You
 Delivered by Andrew Carapiet
 Related course:

 [15 October 2020] Understanding and Managing Conflict
 Delivered by Mel Owers
 Related course:


 [1 October 2020] Best Practice in Procurement in an Emergency
 Delivered by Maurice Diamond
 Related course:

 [24 September 2020] Financial and Commercial Awareness for Leaders
 Delivered by Jim Brooks
 Related course: Finance for Non-Finance Manager

 [17 September 2020] Being a Successful Introvert in the Workplace
 Delivered by Jo Clift
 Based on the full course: Being a Successful Introvert in the Workplace

 [3 September 2020] Managing Time at Home During Covid-19
 Delivered by Sophie Bryan
 Based on the full course: Productivity and Time Management

 [20 August 2020] Speeches in Crisis: What can We Learn?
 Delivered by Matthew Greenough
 Based on the full course: Speechwriting

[23 July 2020] Developing Better Business Cases in a Coronavirus World
Delivered by Bill Malloy
Based on the full course: Building Better Business Case


 [16 July 2020] Powering through Pressure
 Delivered by Simon Hall
 Based on the full course Managing Workplace Pressure


[2 July 2020] Emotional Intelligence: An Essential Skill for Leaders in a Coronavirus World
Delivered by Angela Blacklaw
Based on the full course Emotional Intelligence for Leaders


[25 June 2020] Strategic Thinking in the New Normal
Delivered by Ann Hall
Based on the full course Strategic Thinking for Senior Executives


[18 June 2020] Disinformation - Primer 
Delivered by Amil Khan
Based on the full course: Disinformation in the Digital Age: Countering Disinformation


[11 June 2020] Nudging After the Pandemic: Understanding Behaviour Change in a Time of Disruption
Delivered by Anthony Tasgal @TaswellHill
Based on the full course Introduction to Behavioural Economics


[28 May 2020] Making Government Accountable: How Does Select Committee Work
Delivered by Joan Ryan, former MP
Based on the full course Preparing to Give Evidence at Select Committees Training


[21 May 2020] Leading Change in a Pandemic VUCA World 
Delivered by Mel Owers
Based on the full course Leading Change in a VUCA World


[14 May 2020] How to Banish the Imposter Syndrome
Delivered by Jo Clift
Based on the full course Beat Imposter Syndrome and Combat Self Doubt


[6 May 2020] What Covid-19 is Teaching us about Crisis Communications? 
Delivered by Matt Greenough
Based on the full course Crisis Communications Training - How to Lead When Things Go Wrong


[23 April 2020] Understanding the 4 Critical Elements of the Policy Process
Delivered by Clair Fisher
Based on the full course Effective Policy Making






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