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Civil Service College was founded in 2012 following the closure of the National School of Government in 2010. Civil Service College acquired many of the training programmes that were previously offered by the school and since then has increased the number of programmes on offer, ensuring that the available training reflects the current needs of those working in the Public Sector.

Civil Service College offers innovative training courses across subjects, from accountability and governance to leadership training, finance management, project management and personal development. All of our courses can be customised to fit your specific training needs.

Civil Service College Values

Civil Service College is a leading provider of high quality, bespoke training for those working in the public sector and civil service, here in the UK and abroad.

Our values guide our strategy and our day-to-day actions:

  • We provide excellent and professional training provided by the most knowledgeable people in their field
  • We are resilient, committed to delivering the best service to our clients whatever the obstacles
  • We tailor our courses based on really listening to the clients’ individual needs
  • We have a fantastic team who work together to provide excellent customer experience

Who are we?

Our organisation comprises of a core group of trainers from former Civil Service and Public Sector backgrounds and draws on a wider network of authoritative, experienced and skilled associates and contacts to deliver specialist training. Our trainers have vast experience working at the centre of Government in the United Kingdom, as well as with political and administrative institutions in the European Union and internationally.

The Civil Service College team also works closely with Learning and Development Directors throughout the Public Sector to ensure that our offering fully reflects the ever changing needs of individual departments and organisations, as well as the wider Public Sector and Civil Service as a whole.

Our courses and trainers are continually appraised to ensure that we always provide training of the greatest quality, offering the most significant content to meet our delegates’ needs.

We pride ourselves on being incredibly flexible with regards to learning formats, offering tailoring of both open and in-house delivery so that each delegate leaves with a wealth of relevant knowledge. We achieve this by asking each attendee to complete a pre-course questionnaire that helps us to tailor the programme to meet their specific expectations and individual requirements.

Our international work

It’s becoming increasingly common for Senior Civil Servants to attend culture trips to explore international government structures and systems. At Civil Service College we have extensive experience in putting together Specialist programmes for international delegations, from week long training programmes for senior delegations from Sri Lanka and India to morning workshops for delegates visiting from China. We are able to work with our excellent contact base across numerous Public Sector organisations to help plan every aspect of the trip; from accommodation and sightseeing excursions to, of course, the training programme itself.

For international organisations that cannot send employees to the UK, the Civil Service College trainers have travelled to meet with teams all over the world, including Vietnam, Turks & Caicos, Tonga, Antigua and Kosovo, to deliver our internationally renowned training in-house


Civil Service College have been privileged enough to work and create strong partnership alliances with other training experts such as Marylebone Associates, LeaderShape, The English Manner and the Mongolian National Academy of Governance, to ensure we provide the best and most relevant training across all sectors.

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New Course

In this one day course you’ll understand the specific benefits to your organisation which proactive diversity management will bring. We’ll show how inclusive leadership is linked to performance.

Panel Discussion: How we are shaping ED&I strategy, policy & practices


Inclusive leaders do more to support their teams, actively address the well-being needs of their people, and deliver the systemic change needed

Tailored in-house training

Civil Service College can deliver In-House training within your organisation that is exactly tailored to meet your individual training requirements.

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