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We are pleased to announce a new publishing venture with Policy Press, University of Bristol, providing an opportunity for progressive writers, thinkers and contributors to have their works published.

The first title, launched on 26 January 2015, is Peter Hain's impressive "Back to the future of Socialism".

Policy Press is an international not-for-profit publisher with a core commitment to social justice, equality and fairness and aims to make a positive difference to society. Policy Press publishes high quality, accessible, serious non-fiction books and social commentary as well as scholarship, critical thinking, policy and practice books. The Press has a strong public policy list and is now extending this solid base more squarely into politics. Leading scholars, policy makers, politicians, practitioners, journalists and social commentators publish with Policy Press and their work is sold in print and digital editions globally.

We will be commissioning books that inform, enlighten and challenge. We believe in publishing books that test the status quo and imagine new ways forward in the creation of a more socially just world. Initially, we will be looking for books on topical issues such as immigration, social mobility, crime and social justice as well as books on the broader political and policy process - but this list is not exhaustive - and if you have an idea that does not fall under these categories, do come and talk to us.

We will not be afraid to take risks in this regard and will be proud to publish those individuals or ideas that too often go unheard. Policy Press takes pride in the quality of the books published, and author relationships are paramount. Every member of the small team is dedicated to the publishing and political goals of social justice.

If you have an idea for a book please contact Alison at or Sonny at ku.gro.egellocecivreslivic@gnoel.ynnos to start the discussion.

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