Digital and Data Management Skills Courses at the Civil Service College

To live and thrive in the ‘digital age’, we need the most up-to-date knowledge and best practices in our industries, along with the confidence to use the latest informational, digital and data management tools available.

Developed by digital professionals and industry specialists, the Civil Service College has put together several courses on Information, Digital & Data Management to equip you for the demands of your digital working environment.

Complete Communications

An exploration of everything you need to know to build a clear, memorable, and resonant message for both internal and external audiences.

The focus of Complete Communications is to learn to write internal and external communications with real impact. This skill is built by understanding how to adapt information to a variety of audiences or style of delivery.

You will take away newfound abilities to demand attention with carefully prepared information that leaves the right impression for staff, stakeholders, and the public.

Mastering The Media

Providing industry skills and knowledge to deliver quality information and thrive in any media role.

Understanding the modern media is a must for success in your media role, helping to promote your message, attract funding, further your cause, and impress your bosses and colleagues, stakeholders, and partners alike, along with bolstering your career.

You’ll be given an in-depth knowledge of how the media operates and how to work with journalists. The course on Mastering The Media covers everything you need to know to build and deliver news reports at modern media standards. It also covers the art of presenting yourself and coming out on top of various hostile situations in an era of instant judgement.

Social Media

Gain access to a deeper understanding of social media and how to apply it for maximum efficiency and success.

Social media has been one of the defining points of the modern digital age - access to a deeper understanding of these platforms is the key to using them more effectively.

The Social Media course at the Civil Service College shines a light on exactly what the various platforms do and how to use them to achieve your goals. It is designed so that both absolute beginners and daily users come away with the best industry tips and tricks for utilising social media.

Who is leading these courses?

The Complete Communication, Mastering the Media, and Social Media courses are all led by none other than Simon Hall. As a former BBC News correspondent, Hall has spent the majority of his career delivering external communications in local government, politics, policing, legal, and home affairs, reporting with maximum impact. Social media was a critical component of his media role, and after years of experience, Hall went on to train prominent public figures in how to present themselves on a range of internet platforms.

Data To Insight: How To Make Your Data Work For You

Understand and transform data into valuable insight that is easy to communicate and supports evidence-based decision making in your role.

To survive in our digital world, we must stay on top of our ability to manage data and the growing ways it is generated. Our Data To Insight: How To Make Your Data Work For You course provides the latest techniques and principles for anyone who needs to work with data in their role, from beginners to those looking for a fresh perspective in up-to-date data management.

Data Visualisation: Bringing Data to Life

Learn how to present data to a wide variety of audiences for maximum understanding and effectiveness.

Without the ability to visualise and communicate your data, it is useless. Our course on Data Visualisation: Bringing Data To Life gives you the ability to move beyond dry data and use visuals and story to create compelling presentations and reports that will resonate with your audience and bring your data to life.

It is designed specifically for anyone with a role that needs to present data to others internally or externally with impact and purpose.

Who is leading these courses?

Both the Data to Insight and Data Visualisation courses are developed and led by Andrea Daniels. For the last 20 years, she has utilised data to drive business expansion and growth for leading brands and organisations. As the Head of Strategic Marketing at the British Council, Andrea has compiled her industry experience into practical information to help delegates manage and communicate data within their own current roles. 

Digital Leadership

Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to get the most out of your digital opportunities and reputation.

Within a company or institution, digital transformation requires digital leaders. Our Digital Leadership course provides senior executives and those in leadership positions an overview of the recent changes in our digital world, along with the skills to take advantage of digital opportunities within an organisation.

Who is leading this course?

The course is led by Tom Bryant - who has spent most of his working life implementing digital transformation programmes for large corporates such as Barclays, British Gas, and 20th Century Fox. He has compiled years of strategy and experiences into a highly practical and informative Digital Leadership course.

Each of these courses details a different facet of our new digital world. It is more important than ever to be fully aware of what these digital tools can do for you.


The Civil Service College has a range of courses that covers everything from accountability and governance to leadership and legal awareness. If you are interested in any of these, visit our website to find out more.


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