How to earn promotion

The Smart Way to Get A Promotion and How to Do It

Whether you are at a standstill at your job, fresh at an entry-level position, or a well-established business mogul – it’s safe to say that progression and learning more in your field is a goal that you have, and if it’s not, then it most definitely should be. Any work that you’re doing within your career should be leading somewhere. It could be a new idea or a new career path – here are some tips on how to progress in your career and get a promotion.


Learn and apply yourself to the company’s values and mission statement. Companies have mission statements for a reason, it works as a common goal for all employees to work toward. By applying this consistently, it will show your commitment and dedication to the business and prove you have done your research / care about building towards the company’s future.

Go above and beyond

Doing what’s asked of you is great - but the longer you stay somewhere, the more time you’ll have to anticipate your bosses and colleagues needs. If you go above and beyond to raise other people’s performance, it can benefit your own and make you a valued member of the team.

Take control

Ask to stay later, ask to join in on new projects, show that you can work individually, in a team, or one on one. Some people in a working environment can tend to go about their day to day, doing what they’re told and nothing more. If you take control of your own career and prove you can take the next step, you’ll show that you are responsible enough to grow and stand out against other competitors.

Build relationships

Networking and building relations are extremely important in any business role, by having a consistent rapport with your colleagues, boss, and clients, you’re proving your worth and your likeability – ultimately making people want to work with you. By listening, understanding and asking the right questions

A career is a very bumpy roller coaster. With rejections, successes, bad days, productive days, it can be hard to keep going. Not every day is a good day, but there is good in every day. If you apply that into your working life – you can achieve anything you set your mind to and win over your company.


At Civil Service College, we offer professional development skills courses that can help you learn how to be a working pro and get promoted. If you are interested in progressing yourself in your career, then get in contact with our friendly team on 020 8069 9000.


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