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Understanding the modern media is a must for success in your working life, helping to promote your message, attract funding, further your cause, impress your bosses and colleagues, stakeholders and partners alike, and bolster your career.

Former BBC News Correspondent of 20 years’ experience, Simon Hall, gives you insights, tips and tricks for spreading the message that will benefit you, whether in television, radio, online, newspapers, magazines or social media.

The media landscape has seen a revolution in recent years, as the internet has turned broadcasters into publishers, and publishers into broadcasters.

Social media has also given rise to the citizen journalist, and the era of instant judgment, whether it’s on a celebrity’s new hairstyle, a football match, or a government announcement.

To be a success in the modern world, an in depth knowledge of how the media operate, and how to work with journalists, are essential arts.

In this highly interactive day of learning, we take you through everything you need to know to handle the media in all its forms, from newspapers, to television, to the bear pit of social media. 

Key features:

  • Running a mock newsroom to help you understand the process of selecting and reporting stories.
  • How reporters operate in a fast moving, multi-media world, how they see a story, and what they want from you.
  • The golden thread that runs through every news report.
  • The art of being interviewed, from what to say and how to say it, to how to present yourself.
  • Composing short and sharp, resonant and memorable soundbites, which can be recycled for a range of media outlets.
  • Into the lion’s den: the hostile interview and how to handle it.
  • The importance of pictures and video in the modern media age, and how to provide them.
  • When to release news stories for the maximum impact, and how to cultivate contacts with journalists.
  • The art of social media, including the various different platforms, and how best to use them.  

Designed for:

Anyone who works in an area of media interest, whether in front of the cameras or behind the scenes, and needs positive publicity to further their cause. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • A thorough understanding of how the modern media operate.
  • How journalists see stories, what they need to make them work, and how to use that to your advantage.
  • Tricks for writing a press release that makes your story stand out from the crowd.
  • How to anticipate likely questions in an interview, whether recorded or live.
  • How to present yourself on television, radio, online and in the press.
  • Techniques for handling a press conference.
  • What to say, and what not to say, in an interview.
  • The importance of rapid reaction in the social media age. 



10:00 - 17:00




St James's Park


20 September 2019 Book7

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Lead Trainer

Simon Hall

Simon Hall

Simon Hall is a journalist with 25 years’ experience. Most of his career has been spent as a BBC News Correspondent, specialising in local government, politics, policing, legal, and home affairs reporting, working for television, radio and online.

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Simon Hall

Simon Hall

Simon Hall is a journalist with 25 years’ experience of covering some of the biggest stories Britain has seen. 

Most of his career has been spent as a BBC News Correspondent, specialising in local government, politics, policing, legal, and home affairs reporting, working for television, radio and online. 

He also writes freelance articles for magazines and newspapers. 

Simon has covered stories ranging from terrorist attacks to floods, fatal fires, serious crime, shipwrecks, cyber-attacks, the impact of austerity, and systemic organisational failures.

In recent years, he has also worked with council leaders, chief constables, chief executives, politicians, senior business people and chief fire officers to help with their handling of the media. 

As well as being a journalist, Simon is an author, teacher and public speaker. 

His novels - the tvdetective series - are about a television reporter who covers crimes and gets so involved in the cases he helps the police to solve them. Seven have been published. 

Simon has also contributed short stories to a range of magazines, written plays, and even a pantomime. 

Alongside his novels and stories, Simon is a tutor in creative writing, teaching at popular writers’ schools, on cruise ships and overseas. 

Simon has become sought after as a speaker, appearing at a variety of prestigious literary festivals.  His talks combine an insight into his writing work, along with some extraordinary anecdotes from the life of a television reporter.

Simon lectures at Cambridge and Exeter Universities on careers in the media, as well as giving talks about the industry at schools and colleges across Britain under the auspices of the Speakers for Schools charity.

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