NewManaging Performance & Motivation

Managing people successfully is the key to high performing organisations and an understanding of modern motivational techniques is at the heart of individual performance. Effective management of performance is built around moving from extrinsic ‘carrot & stick’ motivation to 21st century intrinsic methods of understanding people so that motivation is shaped for individuals. 

Recent studies show that performance is enhanced by managers who understand how to challenge employees constructively based on their current levels of skills to achieve ‘flow’.  Too much challenge will lead to stress and too little to boredom – both resulting in the underperformance of individuals and discontentment in the team.

By the end of this highly interactive programme on 'Managing Performance & Motivation', you will understand new techniques of motivation to unlock the secrets of successful performance.  You will have practical tools which enable you to explore performance topics such as holding effective 1:1s, the Psychological Contract and performance metrics. The course is run by Mel Owers, an expert in Human Resources who, is not only a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD but has relevant up-to-date experience, so that you can apply the techniques learnt from the training to your organisational challenges.  


Key features:

  • The key differences between 20th Century and 21st Century motivation
  • A range of reward strategies from basic to sophisticated
  • How to create an environment of achieving maximum engagement and performance
  • The psychological contract and how it can be used effectively at work
  • How to hold effective 1:1s and measure performance using HR metrics

Designed for:

The training course will be of interest to anyone is responsible for managing people in an organisation - it will help them understand human motivation and give useful tools to build trust and inspire excellence. It has a particular benefit to managers and HR professionals who are responsible for understanding and improving performance management.  

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will gain an understanding of how to ensure they set the right climate for high performance. It will give an overview of reward strategies, performance culture, HR performance metrics and how to conduct effective 1:1s as part of performance management. It will enable participants to leave the course feeling that they not only understand the topic but that they have useful tools to apply to real organisational challenges.  



10:00 - 16:00


Price on request


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Lead Trainer

Mel Owers

Mel Owers

Mel is an excellent trainer who has extensive expertise in Leadership, Management & Interpersonal Skills Training – this has been underpinned by his professional knowledge and practical experience.

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Mel Owers

Mel Owers

Mel is an excellent trainer who has extensive expertise in Leadership, Management & Interpersonal Skills Training – this has been underpinned by his professional knowledge and practical experience. This experience includes the development of competence frameworks, coaching senior leaders, leadership of large scale recruitment and the delivery of training to improve recruitment.  He is also an excellent communicator, who makes training participative and engaging.

Mel is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and holds the Certificate in the Psychology of Management. He is qualified in Coaching and Psychometrics and frequently uses them as part of leadership development. In 2012, he became a CIPD Experience Assessor and has since assessed a range of HR Directors and, led the assessment of a large organisation's HR function in the UAE. Due to his business credibility, Mel was asked to speak at a Leadership conference in 2015, along side Sir Nick Clegg (former UK Deputy Prime MInister) about Emotional Intelligence.

Training, education and qualifications

  • Psychometric Ability Testing & Personality Assessment (MBTi, OPQ, 16PF and EQ-i 2.0)
  • Chartered Fellow CIPD
  • Prince 2 Project Management
  • Business Coaching 
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