Sourcing & On Boarding New Employees

Successful organisations are built on the effective recruitment, selection, and onboarding of great candidates. The challenge for many organisations is not about attracting enough candidates but, ensuring that they get those that are right for the job and the culture. Once recruited, it is important that applicants are integrated into the job, team, and organisation so that they can be effective as quickly as possible.

Recent research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) suggests that skill shortages are escalating and skills needed for jobs are changing - over three-quarters of organisations experienced difficulties in recent recruitment processes. There has also been an increase in employee turnover after some years of decline and more than three-quarters of organisations had challenges retaining staff. Interviews remain the most common selection method, although the traditional interview is not considered one of the most valid selection tools.

By the end of this highly interactive programme, you will have an understanding of how successful sourcing and onboarding of candidates makes a positive impact on the performance of the organisation. You will understand the link between validity, cost and time of a range of selection methods. It is run by an expert in the field who is not only a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD but also has relevant up-to-date experience so that you can apply the techniques learnt from training to your organisational challenges. 

Sourcing & On-Boarding New Employees are from our Leadership & Management series. At the Civil Service College, we tailor our courses to each attendee’s role and organisation, ensuring that each participant gets the most out of the training. Our courses and trainers are continuously updated and evaluated to ensure that we are always delivering the best service possible.

Key Training Features

Who Can Attend

Learning Outcomes


Key Training Features:

  • The key elements that make up a Resourcing Strategy
  • How to apply the appropriate recruitment & selection tools to attract quality candidates
  • How to select candidates using high validity techniques such as anchored rating scales
  • How to induct candidates so they are effective in their job, team and organisation
  • How to measure employee turnover using HR metrics and how to increase retention rates

Who Can Attend:

The course will be of interest to anyone who is responsible for selecting and inducting people into the organisation - it will help them understand the resourcing process and have useful tools to undertake successful recruitment and on-boarding. It has particular benefits to managers and HR professionals who are responsible for understanding and improving employee turnover.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will gain an understanding of how to ensure they get the candidates for the right job and are successfully integrated into the organisational culture. Participants will learn how to run high validity interviews and how to on-board candidates so that they make a positive impact on the performance of the organisation.  




10:00 - 16:00


£595 + VAT


Civil Service College, Westminster, London

In-House Option

This course is available In-House and can be tailored to meet your individual training requirements.


Lead Trainer

Mel Owers

Mel Owers

Mel holds extensive expertise in Leadership, Management & Interpersonal Skills Training, which has been underpinned by his professional knowledge and practical experience.

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Mel Owers

Mel Owers

Mel had an outstanding career in the UK Civil Service up until 2011 and held roles such as HR and Organisational Development Manager. He is now a Self-Employed Freelance Independent Consultant, Management Trainer, Assessor and Business Coach. He is a qualified HR Professional of over twenty years with a wide range of both strategic and operational business experience. He is an outstanding trainer who has extensive expertise in Leadership, Management & Interpersonal Skills Training used with a wide range of leaders.

Mel is an excellent communicator, who makes training participative and engaging. He is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and has the Certificate in the Psychology of Management. Mel is qualified in Coaching and Psychometrics and frequently uses them as part of leadership development. In 2012, he became a CIPD Experience Assessor and has since assessed a range of HR Directors. In 2015, he led the assessment of a large organisation’s HR function in the UAE. Due to his business credibility, he was also asked to speak at a Leadership Conference about Emotional Intelligence alongside Nick Clegg, MP.

Training, education and qualifications

  • Psychometric Ability Testing & Personality Assessment (MBTi, OPQ, 16PF and EQ-i 2.0)
  • Chartered Fellow CIPD
  • Prince 2 Project Management
  • Business Coaching 

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