Holding Honest Conversations

Do you ever feel you really SHOULD raise issues with someone at work – but yet you don’t raise them?  Maybe to give challenging feedback or to manage poor performance?  Or maybe you feel that you are not being really listened to?  Often, we shy away from honest conversations: we feel awkward, don’t want to upset people, or are not sure how to start. Yet while these issues remain unresolved, there are consequences for us, for them and for the organisation. This half-day course will enable you to explore different approaches and techniques to ensure that these conversations really succeed.

Key Features

  • The key importance of behavioural flexibility;
  • Techniques to ensure you get your messages across with clarity;
  • Techniques to enable others to contribute to the conversation;
  • Honest conversations are brought to life with via forum theatre techniques, an innovative, engaging and practical way of allowing participants to develop understanding and skills, while avoiding the discomfort of taking part in role-play.

Designed for: 

Current leaders, anyone who aspires to take on a leadership role or who wants to hold honest, authentic conversations with others.

Learning Outcomes:

Delegates will

  • Recognise the impact and consequences of failing to hold effective and honest conversations and the potential benefits of doing it well;
  • Recognise that different individuals need to be supported in different ways;
  • Understand what it takes for people to be able to listen to challenging messages;
  • Explore and practice questioning and listening skills;
  • Set up an achievable action plan.



10:00 - 14:00


£550 + VAT


St James's Park, London


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