Demystifying Sustainability: Transforming towards Sustainable Development Goals

An increasingly important subject, sustainability is becoming more and more popular as knowledge grows arounds its impact. With new policy on green finance, business transformation, environmental policy and climate action it is important for those working with and in government to be up to date with the current affairs surrounding this subject. The UN has been developing its sustainable development goals (SDGs) and all areas developing at incredible speed, it is therefore essential for the private and public sector to create and more sustainable future.

The Governments role in creating a more sustainable future cannot be underestimated. New environmental policy is an important factor in promoting better wellbeing the natural world, to create a better, greener, healthier society. Agriculture, forestry and urban development that puts the environment first.  But sustainability is much more than just environmental response to climate change.

This course will breakdown sustainability into an actionable model. The three pillar that hold it will be explored (environmental, social and economic). The UNs sustainable development goals (SDGs) will be used as a foundation to review environmental policies and what can be done to improve current stances.

Key features:

  • Understand the concept of sustainability - the key three pillars from environmental, social to economic
  • Understand terminology such as carbon footprint, carbon neutral and carbon negative
  • Case examples of governments across the world actions on environmental sustainability
  • What are the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how your public body can contribute toward these goals
  • What is a sustainable future

Who is this virtual course for:

This virtual training is designed for civil servants and public sector staff who would benefit from understanding the UN Sustainable Development Goals in particularly how their organisation can work toward these goals.



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