Implementing Succession Planning and Talent Management

Organisations need to be strategic and proactive in how they identify, develop, engage, retain and deploy talented people.  In order for them to thrive and be successful, they need to understand which posts are strategically important and have plans in place for when they become vacant. 

Organisations also need to understand what ‘talent’ looks like so they can retain and motivate great people so that they maximise their performance – this is critical to continued success now, more than ever before. Succession planning enables organisations to make plans about ‘business critical’ posts - when talent management and succession planning are integrated, they are able to fully utilise their people to meet both individual and organisational objectives.

By the end of this highly interactive programme 'Implementing Succession Planning and Talent Management', you will have a guaranteed way to create a succession plan, and have a range of easy to use skills to manage and retain talented staff. It is run by an expert in the field who has practical and proven experience so that you discover everything you need to take a more strategic, objective and integrated approach to succession planning and talent management.  

Key features:

  • What talent management & succession planning are and how to use them
  • The principles of succession planning and the link to your organisation’s objectives
  • How to identify ‘business critical’ roles, potential vacancies and future talent
  • What the ‘talent pipeline’ is and the metrics of talent management
  • Use of techniques to assist in talent management such as the ‘retention toolkit’

Designed for:

The training course on 'Implementing Succession Planning and Talent Management' will be of interest to anyone is responsible for managing and developing people - it will help them have a practical framework for managing succession and talent. It has particular benefit to leaders, managers and HR professionals who are responsible for managing talent or understanding how to fill ‘business critical’ posts. 

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will gain an understanding of how to create, design and implement a robust succession plan. They will be able to identify talent based on performance and potential – and have a definition of the latter that has a cultural ‘fit’ to their own organisation. Participants will be able to use a ‘retention toolkit’ to identify risks and keep their best staff so that the organisation grows and develops successfully.



10:00 - 16:00


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Lead Trainer

Mel Owers

Mel Owers

Mel is an excellent trainer who has extensive expertise in Leadership, Management & Interpersonal Skills Training – this has been underpinned by his professional knowledge and practical experience.

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Mel Owers

Mel Owers

Mel is an excellent trainer who has extensive expertise in Leadership, Management & Interpersonal Skills Training – this has been underpinned by his professional knowledge and practical experience. This experience includes the development of competence frameworks, coaching senior leaders, leadership of large scale recruitment and the delivery of training to improve recruitment.  He is also an excellent communicator, who makes training participative and engaging.

Mel is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and holds the Certificate in the Psychology of Management. He is qualified in Coaching and Psychometrics and frequently uses them as part of leadership development. In 2012, he became a CIPD Experience Assessor and has since assessed a range of HR Directors and, led the assessment of a large organisation's HR function in the UAE. Due to his business credibility, Mel was asked to speak at a Leadership conference in 2015, along side Sir Nick Clegg (former UK Deputy Prime MInister) about Emotional Intelligence.

Training, education and qualifications

  • Psychometric Ability Testing & Personality Assessment (MBTi, OPQ, 16PF and EQ-i 2.0)
  • Chartered Fellow CIPD
  • Prince 2 Project Management
  • Business Coaching 
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