Data Visualisation: Simplifying Your Message

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Data is crucial when making decisions or sharing ideas as it can help to indicate where change is needed, support proposals and demonstrate the scope of project success. Though the UK Government is constantly trying to improve accountability and data transparency within the Public Sector and Civil Service, the reality is that data, despite its importance, can be daunting, dull and confusing. 

There is a vast amount of data available across UK public bodies and much to gain from analysing and legally sharing this data between organisations, however simply stating facts and figures can be ineffective and result in the loss of impact on your audience. Overwhelming numbers can also be daunting for a majority of people, meaning that the message can be misunderstood, overlooked, or even simply ignored.

To help bring your data to life and effectively communicate with your audience, this course will introduce delegates to visualisation tools used to create effective and interesting visual presentations, enabling them to demonstrate their data in easy to digest formats that will capture the public’s attention.

The Data Visualisation: Simplifying your Message training course in an essential feature in our Information, Digital and Data series. It offers participants crucial insights into how to effectively communicate their data in a way that is both interesting and memorable.

At Civil Service College, we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our courses to each delegate, ensuring that courses are applicable to participant’s role and organisations so that each participant can get the most from the training. Our courses and trainers are constantly updated and evaluated to ensure that we are always delivering the best service possible.  

Key features:           

  • Why visualisation
  • Perceptions of effective visualisation and info graphic designs
  • Essential knowledge and design techniques approach
  • Knowing your data
  • Colour theory and best practices
  • The power of interactivity and animation
  • Dealing with compromises: resource limitations, time constraints, formal restrictions, etc.
  • Different tools available for data visualisation

Designed for:

This course is suitable for anyone who needs to present data in an interesting and simple format for all kinds of audiences.

Learning outcomes:

Participants will be able to present complicated information in clear and easy-to-understand visual way that is still accessible to non-technical people.




10:00 - 16:00


£595 + VAT


St James’s Park, London


11 October 2018 Book

Lead Trainer

Andrea Daniels

Andrea Daniels

Andrea is currently the Head of Strategic Marketing at the British Council. She has over 20 years’ experience utilising data to drive business expansion and growth for leading brands and organisations.

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Andrea Daniels

Andrea Daniels

Andrea Daniels has over 20 years’ experience utilising data to drive consumer understanding, business expansion and growth for numerous leading brands and organisations.

Andrea is currently the Head of Strategic Marketing at the British Council, where she is responsible for the leadership of its marketing and research functions within the Education and Society business unit. Her role focuses of the application, dissemination and understanding of consumer insight within the organisation to drive business innovation, support prioritisation and harness opportunities for growth. 

Prior to joining the British Council, Andrea was a Senior Research and Strategy executive at the BBC and its commercial arm BBC Worldwide. Here she used consumer understanding to drive growth across its leading brands and services. She also led on the development and delivery of the corporations most widely used consumer engagement portal, bringing insight and understanding to all across the BBC through its digital delivery platforms.

Andrea has extensive experience leading research activity within the Public Sector. This was gained from her roles as a senior researcher and trainer at top agencies Ipsos MORI and TNSofres in both a qualitative and quantitative research capacity leading projects across the Public Sector, from large scale NHS service user programmes to highly sensitive user group studies for bodies such as NSPCC and DWP.

Andrea studied at Manchester University’s Politics and Economics Department and has an MBA from Open University Business School. She is a holder of both the Market Research Society’s Diploma in Research Methodology and a CAM Certificate in Marketing.

Alongside her executive roles, Andrea is currently an elected member of the Open University Business School Alumni Council, supporting the growth and development of the Schools 90,000 strong alumni body and delivering training and talks to the wider alumni community.


  • Studied at Manchester University: Politics and Economics Dept.
  • MBA from Open University Business School
  • Market Research Society’s Diploma in Research Methodology
  • CAM Certificate in Marketing


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