How to Have Impact In Meetings

Even before we moved our work online, lots of people found it hard to get their voices heard in meetings.  It can often feel as though the same people dominate meetings, and that it is hard to get your point across. 

Also, some people don’t do their best work when they are thinking on the spot, so they get scared that they will be asked questions that they can’t answer at the moment. But each of us have the right to be heard and make meaningful contributions in meetings. This course explore various tools and techniques that will help you in meetings.


Key Training Features

Who Can Attend

Learning Outcomes

Key Training Features:

  • How you can get your voice heard in meetings
  • How you can stay present in meetings, get your point across, and find a good dialogue with others
  • Tools and techniques for getting your voice heard and getting your point across in meetings
  • What are the barriers to being heard in meetings?
  • What are the main tools and techniques for being heard and getting your point across in meetings?
  • How to deal with online vs face to face meetings
  • Tools for dealing with different audiences (and difficult audiences)


Who Can Attend:

This course will be of interest to any new manager or recently promoted managers. This would also be of use and interest to any technical managers with people responsibilities who are looking to enhance and build their people management skills. You may be interested in this course if there have been any changes to the way your HR function is operating.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be better aware of the barriers to be heard in meetings and able to use different tools and techniques to enhance their impact in meetings.



10:00 - 16:00


£595 + VAT


Civil Service College, Westminster, London


Face to Face 21 November 2024 Book8

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