Life as a Civil Service College Trainer

Monday 8 April, 2019

How to sum up the life of a Civil Service College Trainer?


Well, if you'll excuse my playing in the world of words, my particular area of expertise...


Fascinating, feelgood, and fun is a fine way of putting it.


Firstly, you get to pass on those skills you've built up over the years to some wonderful people.


And that's a great feelgood experience.


These are some new friends I made from a delegation of politicians from India.


We talked all about how best to get their message across, which they found very helpful.


And which, in turn, I found very fulfilling.


It's also fascinating, meeting people from so many different places, with such a variety of perspectives on life.


You also have the scope for some lovely creativity in the way you teach. And that makes it fun.