NewOvercoming the Impostor Syndrome

It is staggering how many people suffer from imposter syndrome.  Did you know that Meryl Streep, Albert Einstein and Maya Angelou all suffered from this condition?  It can have a negative effect on our work and the way that we view ourselves in the workplace. 

The Imposter Syndrome describes a condition where we feel that we don’t deserve the position or responsibility that we have.  We find it difficult to take pride in our achievements and have the feeling that we are a ‘fraud’.  

Key features:

  • Understand Imposter Syndrome and where it comes from
  • Look at the effect it may be having on you and your work
  • Develop strategies to combat it and to monitor your progress

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will gain a clear understanding of what Impostor Syndrome is and will have the opportunity to start thinking through the impact of it on their behaviour. Participants will also be provided with the tools needed to become more effective and confident individuals through practical means.



10:00 - 16:00




St James's Park


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