NewTalent Management: Resourcing, Development, Reward and Retention

Organisations need to be strategic and proactive in how they attract, identify, and develop, retain and reward their talented people. Organisations therefore need to consider a wide range of questions when thinking about talent management.

This five-day programme on Talent Management will explore key areas that need to be thought about when an organisation is considering introducing a talent management programme into the organisation or is currently working with a talent management programme in their organisation.

Organisations need to be able to define what talent means in their organisation and ensure there is ‘buy-in’ from the senior leadership team which is critical for any successful talent management programme.

The Talent Management programme will explore tools and techniques to identify talented individuals and will look at areas such as succession planning, learning and development and reward and management of talented individuals.

Key features:

  • What talent management and succession planning are and the key areas to consider
  • How to identify talent and the link to succession planning
  • Ensuring that Senior Managers are on board with Talent Management
  • Exploring a range of learning and development opportunities to
  • Managing expectations of those talented staff in your organisation

Designed for:

Senior managers, HR professionals, learning and development professionals and anyone looking to introduce or review their talent management programmes or processes.

Learning Outcomes:

Will be able to identify talent based on performance and potential. Learn how to plan for an effective talent management process and programme. Ask key questions before introducing talent management into the organisation. Explore a model of talent management. Link talent management to key processes in the organisation. Leave the programme with a talent management action plan






£2,150 + VAT


St James’s Park, London


4 November 2019 Book

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