Legal Awareness for Regulators

"Very engaging, excellent research on the specific areas relevant to DVSA, also very entertaining delivery. Good work Greenberg!"


Officers and staff of statutory regulators and other public authorities deal with the law all the time, whether as policy-makers, case workers or operational advisers. For those who do not have a formal legal qualification, navigating the law can be challenging.


This course aims to give those working in regulatory bodies the skills to navigate the law, and to acquire a working
understanding of the institutions and processes of the law. It will also begin by mapping the UK legal system, to contextualise and consolidate participants’ prior knowledge.


Legislation and the legislative process, subordinate legislation and quasi-legislation, are considered from the regulators’ perspective. Administrative law in general, and judicial review in particular, are examined from a practical perspective, including a discussion of how to liaise effectively with the organisation’s legal officers. Finally, this course ensures that participants have a sufficient understanding of a glossary of core legal terms and concepts to be able to liaise with lawyers effectively and efficiently.


This course uses case studies relevant to participants’ organisations and is interactive in order to ensure that it builds on and does not replicate what participants already know.


At the Civil Service College, we tailor our courses to each attendee’s role and organisation, ensuring that each participant gets the most out of the training. Our courses and trainers are continuously updated and evaluated to ensure that we are always delivering the best service possible.


Key Training Features

Who Can Attend

Learning Outcomes

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Key Training Features:

  • Basic legal framework and terminology
  • Legislation and common law
  • Your remit and your powers
  • The law of judicial review
  • Human rights law

Who Can Attend:

Delegates with no formal legal qualification, from organisations with regulatory and enforcement functions.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will gain perspective of their role in the UK legal system and be able to improve their decision-making to ensure the robust defence of judicial review and other challenges. Participants will also better navigate relevant law efficiently and effectively.


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10:00 - 16:00


£595 + VAT


Westminster, London

Face to Face

5 July 2022 Book7

28 October 2022 Book7

In-House Option

This course is available In-House and can be tailored to meet your individual training requirements.


Lead Trainer

Daniel Greenberg CB

Daniel Greenberg CB

Daniel is a lawyer who specialises in legislation and the legislative process. He has over 30 years experience dealing with legislation in the public and private sectors.

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Daniel Greenberg CB

Daniel Greenberg CB

Daniel Greenberg CB is a lawyer specialising in legislation and the legislative process. Having 30 years’ experience in the private and public sectors dealing with legislation, Daniel was a Parliamentary Counsel for 20 years; he is now an officer in the House of Commons, a writer, trainer, and adviser. 

In 2016 Daniel was appointed Counsel for Domestic Legislation in the House of Commons and serves as the General Editor of Westlaw UK Annotated Statutes and Topics Encyclopaedia.  

Daniel drafts primary and subordinate legislation in the UK, providing drafting and training services in Albania, Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nigeria, South Georgia, Sri Lanka, and the Solomon Islands.  Daniel is the Editor of Craies on Legislation (2004, 2008, 2012, 2017), Stroud’s Judicial Dictionary (2000, 2006, 2012, 2016) and Jowitt’s Dictionary of English Law (2010, 2015, 2019), the Editor in Chief of the Statute Law Review, the Editor of Halsbury’s Laws on Statutes, and a contributing editor to the Oxford English Dictionary.  

Daniel's an Associate Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London, a teaching faculty member of the legislative drafting course of Athabasca University, an Associate Research Fellow of the Law Faculty of Bar Ilan University, a member of the Advisory Board of the Institute of Legal and Constitutional Research at the University of St Andrews, a Director of the Constitution Reform Group, a Fellow of the Bingham Institute for the Rule of Law and a Council Member of the Statute Law Society.

"Overall, an outstanding course that exceeded expectations. Daniel was extremely engaging and made the training relevant to his students with pertinent examples."

HMI Probation - Criminal Justice Inspectorates

"Fantastic course. Extremely competent and knowledgeable trainer. Delved into the context of the work of the Welsh Language Commissioner successfully."

Welsh Language Commissioner Standards Imposition Officer

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