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“I have got a lot from today's course which will help me deliver key messages at a critical time of change.”

Wilshire Fire and Rescue Service

Speeches have always been one of history’s most powerful forms of communication. From Churchill to Obama, from Emmeline Pankhurst to Hillary Clinton - speeches have always been and will continue to be, one of the greatest tools of message delivery. Although each speechwriter has a different purpose, what all great speechwriters have in common is a clear vision and a clear message.

It is therefore vital to get speechwriting right as when they go wrong they are at best, a lost opportunity and at worst, an unmitigated disaster. With such high stakes at a time where more speeches are required than ever before, as well as seen by thousands of people all around the world via social media outlets and video streaming platforms, the prospect of having to write and deliver one incites fear like little else.

This speechwriting training helps participants to understand how to put together a compelling speech that powerfully communicates the message. With practical frameworks, case study analysis, and iterative practice, this training course on speechwriting helps participants to understand how to think about the different dimensions of the speechwriting process. Armed with that knowledge, they will be able to craft speeches that people remember.

Speechwriting is an incredibly popular course within our Professional Development Skills series. At the Civil Service College, we tailor our courses to each participant’s role and organisation, ensuring that each participant gets the most out of the training. Our courses and trainers are continuously updated and evaluated to ensure that we are always delivering the best service possible. 

Key Training Features

Who Can Attend

Learning Outcomes

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Key Training Features:

  • Preparing to write: developing your topic and structuring your content
  • A powerful beginning and a memorable end: introductions and conclusions.
  • Getting personal: how to use references, jokes, stories, and the odd statistic.
  • Writing to speak: speeches that sound like they should be spoken.
  • Speeches of character: how to add personality to your speeches.
  • Inspiration from history's best speeches.
  • Analysis of what great speakers do - and what they don't.

Who Can Attend:

This course is designed for senior leaders who are required to give speeches or their speechwriters.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will have a firm grasp of how to put together a powerful, compelling speech that will effectively communicate their message and better persuade their audiences.

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10:00 - 16:00


£595 + VAT


Westminster, London

Face to Face

4 July 2022 Book6

6 October 2022 Book8

Lead Trainer

Matthew Greenough

Matthew Greenough

Matt had a successful career in politics, which culminated in his role as Chief Special Adviser in the Welsh Government, leading to the role of Director of Communications for the Labour Party in Wales in 2016.

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Matthew Greenough

Matthew Greenough

Matt is passionate about words – and the power they have to make real and lasting change in the world.

He had a successful career in politics, culminating in his role as the Chief Special Adviser in the Welsh Government. Prior to that he was the Special Adviser for Media & Strategic Communications, and the Education Special Adviser. As the most senior adviser working for the First Minister of Wales, Matt worked with politicians, officials, and external partners to help deliver the Government’s programme. He also had responsibility for writing keynote speeches and leading on high profile communications challenges. In addition to his work for Government, Matt worked in various roles for the Labour Party in Wales, including as Director of Communications for the successful 2016 Assembly elections.

Working at the top of government in strategic, policy and communications roles has given him wide-ranging and high-level experience of: speechwriting, media handling and training, change management, crisis communications, briefing senior teams, and stakeholder management.

Matt now runs his own communications consultancy, Words Matter.


“Great course, glad I came and I can see the benefits from the course already.”

Scottish Prison Service

“The course was excellent - Dennis' training was very insightful and useful.”

Newcastle City Council

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