Overview of Central Government Finance

For those working in finance positions within the Public Sector or Civil Service, it can often be the case that, despite the fact public finance decisions are systematic, it is unclear how the decision process works, what the reasoning behind various decisions is or who is responsible.

Designed for both finance and non-finance staff, this training course delivers a unique and broad overview of the responsibilities, accountabilities and systems behind public finance. It introduces a clear context for the government’s financial position and demonstrates how this can be translated into the process of delivery through Parliamentary Supply, Treasury Control and the roles and responsibilities of those who manage public finances. 

At Civil Service College, we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our courses to each delegate, ensuring that courses are applicable to attendee’s role and organisations so that each delegate can get the most from the training. Our courses and trainers are constantly updated and evaluated to ensure that we are always delivering the best service possible.  

Key features of the course include:

  • The economic outlook and economic policy making in the UK
  • Parliamentary Control & Supply
  • Managing Public Spending& Treasury control
  • Total Managed Expenditure, DEL and AME
  • Capital and Revenue
  • The Reserve & Budget exchange
  • Treasury cash management
  • The role of Ministers and Accounting Officers
  • Regularity, propriety, feasibility and value for money
  • The role of the National Audit Office and the Public Accounts Committee
  • The FReM, FRAB & WGA

Designed for:

This course is suitable for Arm’s Length and Public bodies who wish to gain a better understanding of Government’s financial landscape, both politically and operationally, as well as for those who need to better understand how, when and why Government Financial decisions and process will impact them. 

This course can also be tailored for foreign finance authorities who wish to gain an in-depth understanding of the UK public finance system.

Learning outcomes:

Delegates will gain a clear understanding of the economic context for Government Finances and how Government Finances operate, including Spending Reviews. Delegates will also be acquainted with some of the key challenges the Government Finance processes may face in coming years. 



10:00 - 16:00


£595 + VAT


St James’s Park, London


13 May 2020 Book6

1 July 2020 Book8

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