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Why eLearning Should be a Training Option for Organisations

Thursday 18 February, 2021

Today in the launch of our new CSC LMS Moodle courses, we want to talk about why eLearning solutions should be a priority for your organisation. Civil Service College shares why eLearning platforms should be on the agenda for training options.  Whether you work in HR, Learning & Development or in a managerial position, some of these choice options will help you recognise the benefits of eLearning.

eLearning, the Insightful Option

Track how well your employees’ progress is going! E-learning systems and LMS can help identify individual development through the use of assessments and e-learning module completions. 

This learning management system can help uncover more about your staff and how your departments are working. It will reveal an individual level of skill by how much they understand the content and by their responses on how they answer to scenarios. This knowledge can be utilised and turned into an opportunity to improve organisational goals by understanding their staff more. A very important option to measuring staff learning outcomes.

eLearning, the Motivational Option

We want employees to love what they do and love their job! By empowering employees through training, we are giving them accessibility to eLearning resources and modules to grow and increase performance. 

In turn, can improve their personal development in ways of being more confident at what they do in the workplace, to feeling more productive and even challenged. An organisation can thrive in positive work culture by boosting morale, greater productivity and reducing employee retention – a great choice to increase staff motivation.

eLearning, the Standardised Option

Our e-learning tools are applicable to all at any level, any department from international to the UK. The level of standardised training in LMS is consistent across all modules and courses. What does this mean for the Learning and Development departments? Easy access and conformity across training, equal to faster rates in delivery time and compliance. 

This option will help with speeding up the process, especially when it comes to hiring new staff members and onboarding new employees, by reducing the resources in need to facilitate training sessions.

eLearning, the Sustainable Option

What’s good for the planet is good for organisations! Going green and striving for a sustainable future is desirable amongst the public. It also builds a positive work ethos and culture for employees to be inspired and proud of. Not to mention it becoming increasingly attractive as an organisational strategy.

Organisations all want to do their part of achieving a lower carbon footprint and they can, by investing in e-learning courses online. With eLearning at work or at home, let’s face it, all is really needed from employees is their fingers, a device and brain. It's a sustainable training choice for the future even when we are in challenging times. 

eLearning, the Investment Option

Yes, we said it "Increase of ROI!"  If we backtrack to eLearning, the Motivational Option, we talked about the lead to increased productivity and performance. In return, this can develop your employee’s overall efficiency and confidence to work effectively in the workplace and to a degree drive results.

This improves staff, supports organisational goals and strengthen relationships across departments. An investment in e-learning courses as a training choice is an investment into the overall positive productivity of the organisation.

eLearning, the Cost-Effective Option

In this online learning environment, learning technology is rapidly advancing especially in the growth of training management systems. eLearning training is faster, cheaper, unified and engaging modules, measurable and can reduce your expenses. Save time and resources on running the logistics, by making e-learning your number one training investment choice.


At the Civil Service College, we have developed two new e-learning modules for the wider public sector and civil service. These courses have been made in design with leading authors and expert trainers. Within our Leadership and Management Series, we share with you eLearning Emotional Intelligence and eLearning 12 Ways to be a Brilliant Public Sector Manager. For soft skills and personal development, why not additionally endorse your team or department into further CPD accredited courses; ‘Creating Success’ eLearning modules. In our partnership with award-winning publisher Kogan Page, we can offer institutional savings on behalf of our collaboration. Interested in the courses? Contact us for more information.


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