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eLearning: 5 Benefits for your career

Wednesday 17 February, 2021

eLearning has transformed learning and development across organisations around the globe for the last few years. Many of us have used eLearning at different stages of our career, and many people prefer face-to-face interactions with trainers and other participants over eLearning. For some, eLearning has been historically been considered a lesser form of learning.


There has been an increasing emphasis on online learning over the past few years. We have seen an increase in technologies showcasing at different learning and development conferences. Whether it’s conventional eLearning courses, mobile learning or social learning, the opportunity to learn online is greater than ever. In CIPD’s Learning and Skills at Work 2020 Survey report, over 64% of Learning & Development Practitioners surveyed said they have increased the use of online learning in the past two to three years. The trend is that L&D Practitioners will increase the use of online learning.


The coronavirus pandemic has acted as a catalyst and accelerated our adoption of technology. The pace of change has increased to a point where both learners and training providers are immersing as well as experimenting with eLearning while having to work from home. The consideration of eLearning as a less valuable form of learning has now changed. It offers greater flexibility and high-quality learning opportunities at a fraction of the cost of in-person training.

Here are 5 benefits of choosing eLearning to develop yourself and take the next step in your career.

Learn at your pace

You take the steering wheel! While working from home, it means life and work are much more integrated than before. For many people, it is a luxury to be able to attend virtual training uninterrupted. Homeschooling, daily exercise for our beloved pet and the fatigue of attending Zoom meetings mean that we want to be in control of our learning environment. A learning product where it is driven and paced by the learners. Picking a time to learn when your children have gone to bed or in between work tasks. You can log in and out at your own pace, allowing you total flexibility to revisit topics as much as you need to. This improves your ability to learn, your motivation and will give you lots of opportunities to put the new learning into practice so that is sticks!

Enjoy the experience

Interactions and engagements are not exclusive only to the classroom and virtual workshops. eLearning can be highly interactive and engaging. Learning has a variety of interactive features, such as videos, infographics, questionnaires and even games! A range of interactive content can help focus and improve learning outcomes. eLearning is no longer just ‘click and read’. It can be fun and rewarding too!

Track your progress

Learning online gives you the ability to track your progress. Assessments such as surveys or quizzes are built in to help you measure your learning. You can really measure your performance and identify areas of learning which you wish to strengthen.

Save time

Let’s face it. We all want more time to do everything we want to. Although for many of us the time spent commuting to work has been reduced, we still find it difficult to find time for learning. Perhaps the course date is on the same day as an important meeting. Or you have to leave the virtual training room half-way through to do a school run. eLearning offer an easy, flexible, and convenient way to fit learning around your work and your life. Learning can be wherever and whenever!

Save money

It is easy on the budget and cost-effective investment. You can still access the same quality of learning from experts at a comparatively lower price than classroom-based training. It even means that you can access learning that might not have been available for example through an educational institution overseas. The opportunities are endless, plus you save money on travelling to the course and other related costs.


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