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Monday 18 May, 2020

Written by Shareen Pennington
CSC Marketing Manager


Since the current pandemic of COVID-19 impacting our daily lives and the way we work, has rapidly changed. Most of us are working remotely 5 days a week, which is making weekdays and weekends feel like a blur. Do you feel that the days are merging into one? 

This could be caused by many personal factors or significant changes to your standard routines and rituals…but in this lockdown what is normal anymore? 

Your brain and body are adjusting to fit a new style of life that has been disrupted, and in time, can affect your mood, emotions and general mental health, this, in turn, can change your perception of time (along with other things).

Below are some of the top tips to help you get back to your daily rhythm and work routine:


Just as you would when you want to go to get ready for work. Stick to your normal routine. Pre-set your alarm and make that coffee! If you are not a morning person, this will probably be a bit of a challenge. This will benefit you when the lockdown is lifted, and in the long term, will keep your body clock running.


A big no and it’s imperative, as it is so easy to succumb to these habits. Especially when you feel that you have more time at home! This will really test your discipline to try and prevent overworking, sleeping and bingeing. Take some time to breathe and give yourself little breaks. Make time to cook, clean, eat, shower and groom just as you would (and not always chill in your loungewear or your pyjama’s).


Literally! Your body responds to daylight and night-time through its circadian rhythm, being cooped at home all day can alter this rhythm, meaning you might have trouble sleeping. Work near a window or in a bright room with enough daylight. Take a moment, if you can, to work in your garden or balcony and take advantage of the sun, this will help bring positive benefits to your mood.


Are you the type of employee that would go for team lunches, drinks after work, dinner with your friends? We should try to keep socially connected, whether that be through on online meeting room, social media group video , interactive quizzes or even our virtual classrooms with professional delegates. But be careful not to overindulge on technology, give yourself time to reflect and plan your day, otherwise before you know it, you may have spent a couple of hours online rather than doing something beneficial and productive.


Exercise keeps you healthy, but did you know it can also increase your productivity? You could channel that energy into your work (and into waking up early in the morning and being pro-active). It improves your mental capacity, because you’re more likely not to feel lazy as physical activity reduces fatigue. Then that way, you are unlikely to binge-watch on Netflix all day.                                                                                     


Variation is key! Every day our lives vary, being quarantined obviously makes it harder, but you can still have variation at home. Why not learn something new, take up a hobby, or self-develop your skills. Not only will it stimulate your mind by keeping you occupied from the realities of the world, but it’s such a great achievement for yourself.

Here at the Civil Service College, learning is important to us and we cannot stress the importance of it. We have a number of courses in professional development and wellbeingif you are looking to enhance your skills in this peak time. Discover innovative programmes, explore your potential and learn from expert former civil servants.


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In this virtual course, you will learn how to plan for and deal with the realities of leading a remote team during stressful times. You will be provided with a set of robust tools, models to use.

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