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Civil Service College Top Tips to Stay Motivated in Remote Working

Thursday 21 May, 2020

Trending in the workplace is the behaviour and wellbeing of staff. Noticeably there seems to be the survival of staying productive and the struggle to stay motivated in this time of crisis, especially remote working between the lockdown of 4 walls. 

The Civil Service College has put together some of their top tips, to bring out the motivation in you, for working at home.


Set up an area that you can classify as your ‘own’ workspace. This is not next to your television…or on your bed…or near the fridge. A place of solitude for full concentration and to avoid temptation. If you prefer background noise, why not tune on the radio or stream some music. Did you know that this phenomenon is also known as stochastic resonance, where noise can improve performance?


Getting organised helps with reducing stress and improves wellbeing, whether you’re at the office or at home. It gives you a sense of clarity, a personal systematic approach and a relaxing environment. When you are trying to find your misplaced important notes (that are hiding under your laundry), this could end up being quite manic or just frustrating. 


You will probably read this top tip or advice in every article on wellbeing and motivation– the simple message is to wake up early! You are more likely to be proactive. Start your motivational day with the motivation to wake up.


With lockdown and remote working combined, let's be honest, some of us are letting ourselves go. Come to the end of the pandemic, we will emerge looking like a primitive society of cave people. By dressing up and looking good, will positively make you 'feel' good. Wearing nice clothes will make you feel powerful, will boost confidence and give you that executive presence to start your day.


Have a break! Regular breaks will help with productivity, increase your focus and gives you time to reflect and revaluate your goals and task progression at hand. 


Distractions are everywhere, whether that be distractions by making jokes with your colleagues in the office, or kids/pets running around when remote working from home. One way we can prevent ourselves from personal distractions is to put the phone away! We can get carried away and hooked into social media, browsing the internet, or shopping online. Unless you’re visiting the Civil Service College social page for more information @CSCollegeOrg - then that's okay.


Plants are known to have many psychological benefits, especially in stress reduction and anxiety.  Plants and flowers give off a calm and cultivating atmosphere. A yellow Gerbera daisy could brighten up your mood and there are also air-purifying plants, e.g. Aloe Vera (also good for the skin), English Ivy and Spider Plants to name a few.


If you are feeling stressed or under pressure, we have many professional development courses at the Civil Service College. From mindfulness to confidence building to aid this personal journey, or if you are interested in how to lead effective teams from home, we have a new course called Managing Remote Teams.


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