Civil Service College Eid Mubarak Blog Card

Eid Mubarak

Sunday 24 May, 2020


Muslims around the world are coming together for the ‘blessed feast’. Family and friends join together in marking the end of Ramadan also known as ‘Eid al-Fitr’, which means ‘festival of breaking the fast’. At the Civil Service College, the team would like to wish our clients, trainers and our alumni members, ‘Happy Eid’, and to ‘you’ too, reading this blog.


Even though social distancing has restricted celebratory activities, at least we can be mindful of others and ourselves. We are staying at home, staying safe and we are not alone. Embrace those around you with open hearts and may this beautiful day of Eid, bring you comfort, joy, love and peace.


Personally, our CEO Sonny Leong would probably dislike the mention of his presence in this blog piece, but this felt right for the occasion…

Sonny has the warmest of hearts and is an inspirational leader, his efforts will be recognised and not go unnoticed. Even in this time of crisis, with COVID-19 and immense changes within our workplace. Sonny continues to make time and take priority on the wellbeing of his staff. Keeping them positive, optimistic and to maintain a general happy workplace culture even when working from home!


Welcoming at our front door was a wonderful gift box for Eid on behalf of Sonny! This was containing lots of appetising halal foods and desserts from Royal Bombay Halwa Limited. Containing some delicious Indian sweets such as Rassomalai and Gulabjam among others. Yummy – if you have never tried authentic Indian sweets before!

We always like to highlight what a diverse and passionate team we have, with such a variety of cultures within our peers. With employees from Nigeria, to Malaysia, Bangladesh straight through to Essex, just to name a few. 

Sometimes it is important to spread the awareness and to embrace diversity in the workplace, like the Civil Service College and thrive!

Eid Mubarak to you all!





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