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Tuesday 21 July, 2020

How and why policy is created is a subject that covers quite a few areas. The environment in which it inhabits is vast, and covering it all can be quite daunting. That said, the goal of creating smoother processes for policy which achieves its desired outcome - Is essential. Below are our most popular policy & policy-making training courses led by former government workers with years of expertise and knowledge.


This policy course covers the immense settings of what policymakers have to cover, the training teaches the tools and techniques needed to get to better decision making and improved real-world outcomes. This day course incorporates the use of case studies and exercises and is ideal for those who need to hit the ground running in policy-making.

Lead Policy Trainer: Clair Fisher has a wealth experience in public services, she began her career in the civil service and quickly raised to senior positions. Using her experience, she has led countless courses regarding policy and strategy across various government departments and organisations giving her a unique view of policy as a whole.


At first glance Whitehall can seem complex in the policy-making landscape, it has multiple departments, agencies and ALB’s (Arm’s Length Bodies). This can make trying to understand it intimidating. To successfully work with or in government an understanding of its inner workings is highly recommended. Learn to resolve the over-complications by allowing individuals to comprehend the structures and relationships between institutions that make Whitehall.

Lead Trainer: Jo Clift has worked at the heart of government for over 20 years, most notably in the Cabinet Office. In that, her time she has worked with ministers who include Lord Peter Mandelson and Sir Oliver Letwin. During extensive years of experience, she has also worked in Number 10 Downing Street in the Prime Ministers Press Office too.


A key course for policymakers and those interested in the process. This expert-led training in looks at failure to implement proper policy practices. This can result in financial waste and disruption for ordinary citizens. Methods of delivering policy in the most resourceful way for all parties involved are to explore and ensure that going forward is a more holistic approach of implementation to take.

Lead Trainer: Ruth Knox is currently a Senior Policy Fellow for The Health Foundation. Before this, she was a Senior Civil Servant in four government departments: Foreign Office, where she was head of operations; Home Office, where she led counter-terrorism work and the Department of Health.


A specialist course at the Civil Service College, This training will equip attendees with a detailed understanding of how the PQ system works and the settings in which it occupies. The specificity of drafting briefs will be delved into and the answers and questions themselves which may come to light. This is a signature course for any involved as well as those interested in the process, this programme is continually updated regularly and made bespoke because of the changing nature of PQA.

Lead Trainer: Andrew was the MP for Hendon from 1997 to 2010 and was the leader of the Labour Group in 1990. Andrew’s varied career has allowed him to build a reputation as an expert in private members’ legislation. He has chaired the Joint Select Committee on Human Rights and served on the Standards and Privileges Committee for nine years, the Work and Pensions Committee for seven years and the powerful Liaison Committee for five years.


Co-production is crucial for the future of the public sector and civil service, it will help to reshape public services and to ensure that they properly serve their purpose in the new forms it will take. This policy course looks at how organisations interact and engage with the public and how they can create cohesion involving citizens in reshaping and enhancing public services.

Lead Trainer: Dr Ajay Khandelwal (PhD) has extensive experience working in government. As a psychoanalyst, he has had the opportunity to work with public services as well as the civil service allowing him to have a unique perspective on co-production. Dr Ajay Khandelwal has a private practice and specialises in working with successful professionals who are experiencing difficulties in their careers and who are looking for opportunities to develop.

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This five-day programme developed by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) aims to equip participants with a skill set and tools in macroeconomic forecasting and modelling.

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