diversity in the workplace

The Importance of Diversity in The Workplace

Diversity in the workplace is something we should all strive for. It exposes us to different kinds of people, beliefs, and characteristics. It allows us a glimpse into various cultures and can help the workplace flourish.

Everyone has distinct skills and interests that can be utilised in the professional environment. Sometimes this doesn’t happen because of a lack of understanding of what diversity is and how it manifests in the workplace. It’s critical that you encourage everyone’s differences to be brought together to help bring the work environment to life. Not only will this help others to develop and reach their goals, but it will also increase the success of the organisation.

Diversity in the Workplace

Before you can tackle the issue and take on the challenge of diversifying the workplace, you need to understand what exactly it is. Despite it being a buzzword, the topic isn’t a new one.

Simply put, diversity is about promoting our differences, be it our gender, race, culture, sexuality, age, or disability. The UK is one of the most diverse countries in the world, so it’s critical that we make acceptance of the norm and reject exclusion and divisive behaviour.

Why is Diversity important?

Workplace diversity is essential for several reasons and holds the key to unlocking an organisation’s success. Different people from varying backgrounds is a game changer in the business world no matter what sector you’re in. Everyone will have different skills and experiences that lend themselves to helping businesses to build potential.

But more importantly, staff will feel comfortable, confident, and encouraged to be the best they can be. Figures show that 85% of people agree that diversity in the workplace is a driving force of innovation. It also helps to create a reputation for being accepting which can widen the pool of talent who apply to your business.

Not only can this help to bridge the divide in skill shortages, but it will also make employees feel included and normalises diversity. If more businesses start to take on this opportunity, it will hopefully have a ripple effect across several sectors and, ultimately, generations.

The civil service is all about people and how we can help the public; if one industry should be paving the way to an accepting workplace, it’s this one.

You can make a difference by promoting diversity within your organisation. Whether you’re an employer or employee, the easiest thing to do is to respect others. As the song goes, “all I’m asking is for a little respect”.


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