From Backbencher to Minister

This new programme, that the CPA is supporting in partnership with the Civil Service College, will provide a unique opportunity for professional development for Government Ministers and bring new skills and tools to the role. As a former UK Government Minister myself, I know the effectiveness of individual Ministers can depend on their skills and so this programme is likely to have a significant impact on their effectiveness.

Stephen Twigg, CPA Secretary-General

There is an opportunity for international virtual training format, please contact Christopher Ng for more information.

The skills required to perform at a high standard as a Minister of State are unique and complex. Some will be taking on a government post for the first time. Others, with previous ministerial experience, will be taking on new briefs and responsibilities. The effectiveness of these individual Ministers is likely to have a significant impact on the standing of the government.

It is difficult to prepare for the realities of office – the sheer weight of responsibility, the round-the-clock media scrutiny, and the competing demands on a minister’s time. Typically, new ministers receive little to no support in their new roles. There is also a desire to prioritise ‘getting stuck in’ rather than focus on personal development. Induction and professional development are rare in the political system and the support structures around Ministers owe more to historic precedent than conscious planning.

The first few months in office are critical for any new Minister – setting the tone, forging relationships, and establishing their credibility. They can be supported in the challenges ahead. A five-day programme developed jointly by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and the Civil Service College aims to equip new ministers with a skill set and tools in managing a department comprising of hundreds of public servants and a budget of billions.

The programme will cover a combination of classroom engagements and experiential learning through study/field visits.

Download 'From Backbencher to Minister' programme flyer HERE

Key International Training Features

Who Can Attend

Learning Outcomes

Key International Training Features:

  • Ministerial Code setting out the standards of conduct expected of ministers and how they discharge their duties
  • What is ministerial accountability?
  • Speaking Truth - Ministers' and Officials' Duties
  • Setting and managing Minister's private office
  • The role of Special advisers
  • Minister's Briefing and Senior Officials

Who Can Attend:

Newly appointed Ministers and aspiring parliamentarians.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Examine and debate the key issues facing Ministers in the wide range of roles that they perform, and apply the experience and knowledge gained to your own ministerial role
  • Identify and develop necessary skills to help perform your roles as a Minister more effectively
  • Experience the working of the UK Houses of Parliament and meet informally with MPs and Peers to share experiences








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