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Friday 19 June, 2020

A truly vital area, the fundamentals of accountability and governance are crucial to sustain and instil trust in those who deal with public money. Our most popular signature training courses below highlight what skills and behaviours are needed for those working in the Public Sector and the Civil Service in these sensitive areas.

Accountability & Governance for Arm’s Length Bodies (ALBS)

Lead Course Trainer: Bill Malloy has a wealth of experience delivering accountability courses of this spectrum. As an expert former civil servant working in the Public Sector across Central Government and having relationships with, Arm Length Bodies, Police, Local Government and the NHS Foundation Trusts his courses are backed with a wealth of experience.

This is one of our most highly recommended courses, which dives into the core of what it means to be an accounting officer while also looking at the rationale for ALBs. Current situations related to both external and internal influences will be explored to provide a much-needed context for the accountability and governance environment. This expert-led training which explores the relationship between ALBs and their linked departments, while also giving a needed outlook on what good governance and accountability is.

Introduction to Audit & Risk Assurance Committees (ARAC)

Another high demand course led by Bill, this training provides a comprehensive introduction to the role of the Committee concerning governance, risk, internal control and financial management. It also clearly establishes the committee’s role firmly in the central government context, regarding the governance and financial management arrangements.

Being an Effective Non-Executive Director

Lead course trainer: Tony Foster has led in numerous roles. A Director of the ICI Chemical and Polymers, Chief Executive of ICI Chlorchemicals Business and was the first Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency.

The role of a Non- Executive Director is one of critical importance for an organisation. The role allows for independent scrutiny of organisational practices, which in turn, allows for recommendations to be made, which in time result to improvements. This vocational led NED training drives into the many details concerning being a NED and the skills required to face any challenges, see the training course page for details.

Cultivating essential board behaviours

Lead Course trainer: Seamus Gillen has worked in Whitehall as a civil servant, becoming Private Secretary to John Gummer MP, Secretary of State for the Environment, and then Private Secretary to John Prescott MP, Deputy Prime Minister. His experience onboard efficacy as a director at the ICSA has placed him in the best position and wealth of knowledge to lead this course.

This board training ‘Cultivating Essential Behaviours’ looks at multiple examples including the financial crash of 2007 to shed light on what good governance should look like. Essential characteristics of a board are highlighted, while also offering a platform for knowledge to be shared.

Strategic Planning for an Uncertain Future

Lead Course Trainer: Jo Clift has 20 years of experience working at a senior level in the UK Government including the Cabinet Office. She currently helps organisations work with Government and Parliament.

This strategic management course gives an overview of strategic planning and what can be done for scenarios like Covid-19 in advance without knowing the specifics of a scenario. Case studies of where strategic planning has worked well, and where it has been ignored with negative effects. Techniques of ‘horizon scanning’ will be looked into and an opportunity for delegates to start to strategically think about future planning within their own organisation at the heart.

The Civil Service College offers a range of Accountability & Governance Courses designed to promote the best practices. Contact us to learn about what we have to offer and for bookings.


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This five-day programme developed by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) aims to equip participants with a skill set and tools in macroeconomic forecasting and modelling.

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