Staff Engagement: Why Your Business Needs Alternative Training Methods

Staff training has always been essential, but today it is viewed as too expensive for the meagre results it delivers. Higher education isn’t helping the newest generation prepare for the world of work. So, staff training is needed now more than ever.

Many small businesses are finding new, alternative ways to train their employees. With 61% seeing costs as the most significant factor stopping them, they are turning to internal methods, such as handbooks. Outside the office, they are seeking the help of colleges or public authorities. They need to ensure their team is a cohesive, flexible unit that can respond to the volatility of the modern work environment. Alternative training methods are helping them accomplish just that.

Better results

Alternative types of training are helping businesses get to the root of their problems. They can develop new skills and increase efficiency and productivity.

The workplace is unpredictable, especially in high-intensity industries like the public sector. Lack of time can make training difficult, but it’s critical. By utilising alternative training methods, you can improve the workplace environment. Unlike traditional training, they take into consideration factors such as mindsets, behaviours, and individual skill sets.

Finding solutions

A fantastic example of this is forum theatre. It may sound a bit dramatic, but it’s an excellent way to bring employees together in an open and judgement-free space. Some people might baulk at the idea, but forum theatre has proven effective at breaking down the barriers of fear, suspicion, and anxiety.

The employees aren’t the audience - they are active participants in an evolving scene. They work together to assess situations that may occur in the workplace, altering how people approach problems. By doing this, each individual can work effectively as a team together to problem solve and find efficient solutions to issues. Not only can you and your team learn to collaborate to seek out solutions that work for everyone, but also to dig deeper into other issues such as interpersonal conflict.

Variety is the spice of life

Practical and interactive training methods are more engaging than sitting in a windowless room with a PowerPoint presentation. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to work, so why not offer a range of training?

This could be anything from boot camps to e-Training to switching jobs for the day. Why not get employees with different roles and skill sets to teach one another new skills? Online learning is a fantastic way to utilise your workplace’s existing resources. Online courses are excellent for employee training as nobody has to take just one set course.

Training doesn’t have to be dull; it can be engaging and highlight how to deal with problems efficiently, develop collaborative skills, and build knowledge.


At Civil Service College, we understand how critical teamwork and collaboration is for organisations. We offer several types of training courses to civil servants and professionals that are practical, interactive, and hands on. Contact us today on 02080699000 to find out how we can help you.


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