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We understand that a one-size-fits-all programme is not suitable for organisations with specific challenges. To help address these needs, Civil Service College an deliver a range of customised programmes.

Whether you would like one of our current open programmes to be adapted specifically to your ministry or department's workings and processes, or whether you would like us to develop a new programme designed to meet your current training needs. We will work closely with you to create a programme that works to ensure that you get the best possible results.

Tailored training is a catch-all phrase but generally refers to specific types  such as:  


Here, you can choose one of our existing open or tailored programmes to be run in your national location. There is also the option to mix and match between existing programmes, for example spending a morning on oral briefings and the afternoon on written submissions. This does not include field visits, but is more cost effective.


Existing open programmes can be completely customised to fit your exact organisational requirements. This means you can add your own specific work experience, culture and case studies which makes the learning even more relevant and effective. This usually takes place in the UK and includes relevant field visits.


A programme designed from the ground up just for your ministry or department. Our trainer will incorporate a training needs anaylsis to completely ensure that you get the exact solution to successfully address the issue and the uclture within your team or organisation. These programmes will usually take place in the UK or a country of choice.

arning even more relevant and effective. This usually takes place in the UK and includes relevant field visits.



Accountability & Governance

  • Anti-corruption: Cultivating Public Sector Integrity
  • Effective Accounting and Transparency

Financial Management & Commercial Skills

  • Commercial Thinking for Government
  • Public Private Partnership
  • The Step by Step:  The Procurement Cycle

Information, Digital & Data Management

  • Innovation in a Digital World
  • Records and Information Management for e-Governance
  • Demystifying and Visualising Data

Legislation & the Judiciary

  • Professional Development & Knowledge Framework for Elected Leaders
  • Drafting Legislation and Effective Policy Making

Leadership & Management

  • Emergency Planning
  • Transformational Leadership: Leading and Managing Change

Human Resources & Organisational Development

  • Organisational development: Culture and Behaviour


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Civil Service College can deliver In-House training within your organisation that is exactly tailored to meet your individual training requirements.

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