Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation

The Importance of Data Visualisation Training in Civil Service

Today's big data landscape presents new opportunities to modernise and improve the efficiency of the civil service, but only when harnessed effectively.

By using data visualisation tools, the civil service can unlock important insights into how public services are performing, and information about where change is needed.  These tools can turn previously untapped statistics and data into the civil service's most valuable resource.

What is data visualisation?

Data visualisation technology and tools are used to quickly sort and display large amounts of data in graphs, maps, charts and other pictorial formats.  They allow users to manipulate which data they are viewing, how it is being processed and how in-depth they wish to go.

Why is data visualisation so important?

Without data visualisation, it can be difficult and time-consuming to make sense of large amounts of data, and even trickier trying to effectively explain your findings to others.

Data visualisation is essential for anyone looking to efficiently analyse large amounts of data.  Viewing data pictorially makes it far easier to identify patterns, associations and trends to aid in research and decision-making.

Once a detailed understanding of data has been gained, it is easier to make better-informed decisions that are based on real facts, figures and trends.

Data visualisation in the civil service

Civil service employees implement the governments' laws and policies and are strongly involved in the running of public services that affect our everyday lives.

For civil service employees, tapping into big data means being able to understand the bigger picture in order to better meet the public needs and run public services more efficiently.

The civil service has access to a huge amount of data across various UK public organisations.  The problem with having such a large amount of data available is that it can become too mammoth a task for any person to sort and analyse it.  Without visualising the data, large quantities of statistics can be too complicated or boring to present to an audience to effectively get a point across.

Data visualisation is invaluable to the civil service as it allows for quick identification of trends and patterns from large amounts of data.  Being able to analyse and review large amounts of data in a fast and efficient manner allows the civil service to make timely and well-informed decisions on the running of important public services.

Data visualisation tools can extract the answers required from big data in a fast and cost-effective manner, whilst also presenting them in a format that is easy to digest.

Find out more about how you can bring your data to life using data visualisation on the Civil Service College data visualisation training course.  We tailor our civil service courses to each delegate to ensure that the training we provide is relevant and it is easy to transfer learnings to your own role when you return to work.


For further information about the data visualisation training course in civil service or to book a place, please give us a call on 020 8069 9000.


Data Visualisation: Simplifying Your Message

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