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Panel Discussion: Leading with an Inclusivity Lens

Wednesday 27 April, 2022

Day 1 – 10:15 – 11:15

Inclusive leaders do more to support their teams, actively address the well-being needs of their people, and deliver the systemic change needed for both businesses and communities to thrive. To lead with an inclusive lens is to recognize what needs to change, advocate transparency throughout, and deliver tangible measurable outcomes.  

Areas of discussion:

  • Who holds the responsibility, is ED&I everyone’s business?
  • How are organisations embracing transformational leadership to make ED&I a reality, not just a mission statement?
  • How are leaders using their platforms of privilege to create more equity and practicing accountability through transparency?


Ken joined the Northern Ireland Civil Service twenty years ago in an open competition for someone with experience and expertise in race matters.

Ken is Head of the Racial Equality Unit (REU), TEO, with responsibility for development and implementation of racial equality and good race relations policy. He has expanded the role to cover immigration and asylum matters because of their racial equality implications.

As someone who suffers from autism, although autism manifests differently in different people, like many autistic people Ken presents with a variety of subtle differences in language, communication and social interaction. He also has a marked tendency to express himself very directly using an expressive vocabulary. His autism means that it is not a matter of choice for him whether he espouse “heretical” views. He does it out of honesty, not out of badness. He does it because the ideas make sense to him.


Caroline was appointed by The Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work as the Disability and Access Ambassador in July 2021, a voluntary position which she holds alongside her role at East West Railway Company. Disability and Access Ambassadors are leaders in their industry who aim to make their industries more inclusive and accessible are supported by the Cabinet Office Disability Unit.

As Head of Inclusion at East West Railway Company, Caroline’s role ensures that East West Rail delivers products and services that meet the needs of a diverse range of customers and that the organisational outcomes are delivered in an inclusive way, accessible to everyone.

Caroline has worked in the rail industry for 16 years and is passionate about disability advocacy and inclusion. She has the genetic condition Cystic Fibrosis and identifies as Disabled and neurodivergent.  Caroline regularly shares her lived experience at events such as the government’s Disability in the Workplace Conference 2021, D&I Leaders Neurodiversity Conference 2021and the Rail Industry Forum Conference 2021.

Caroline was a finalist in the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) 2021 Excellence awards in the category of ‘Diversity Champion’  and is a member of CILT’s Access and Inclusion Forum.


At the Civil Service College, we also deliver a number of virtual expert-led training in equality, diversity and inclusion for the public sector and civil service. Our ED&I series can help you and your organisation to drive equality, embrace diversity and become more inclusive.

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