Wendy Williams CBE

In Conversation with Wendy Williams CBE: A Masterclass in Collaboration

By Jun Kit Man, Digital Media Manager

In the latest episode of "In Conversation with," we had the privilege of sitting down with Wendy Williams CBE, a seasoned solicitor and an inspiring figure in the realm of public service.

The series, known for its deep dives into the lives and careers of influential figures, aims to shed light on the experiences, insights, and wisdom these individuals have gathered over the years. This week, the spotlight was on Williams, whose illustrious career and unique perspective on teamwork, collaboration, and leadership provided a wealth of knowledge for our audience.


Wendy Williams CBE is no stranger to the challenges and rewards of public service. With over 32 years of experience as a practicing solicitor, she has navigated the legal landscape with an unwavering commitment to justice and a keen understanding of the importance of collaboration. Williams' journey began in a law center, volunteering her skills before moving into private practice in a small firm in London, where she specialized in criminal law and childcare law. Her dedication and expertise eventually led her to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), the national prosecuting authority in England and Wales. Here, she rose through the ranks to become a Chief Crown Prosecutor, responsible for prosecutions in Northumbria, Durham, and Cleveland.