Civil Service College partners with School of International Futures

The Civil Service College is delighted to announce a new collaboration with School of International Futures (SOIF) to deliver a series of specialised courses onPlanning for the Future.

The one and two day courses will equip Senior Executives and decision makers with strategic foresight tools and techniques, allowing them to implement what they've learned into their organisations.

Led by SOIF founders Catarina Tully and Alun Rhydderch, the courses aim to help organisations think systematically about the futuretoanticipate change and build resilience. A lack of long-term thinking can lead to poor decision-making, an inability to react quickly to new opportunities and to deal with challenges effectively.

As well as her work with SOIF, Catarina currently advises the UK and US governments on futures and national strategy, including a recent UK public parliamentary inquiry on the UK´s strategic capability. She is also the founder of FromOverHere, a consultancy providing strategy and foreign policy advice.

Alun has run foresight projects such as the International Futures Project, World Trade: Possible Futures, and Technology and Innovation Futures for UK government departments. He has been invited to speak on his scenario work around the world and is currently working on projects for the Institute of Development Studies, Brighton and Imperial College, London.

SOIF has successfully delivered foresight courses to over 300 people in 25 countries, from corporations such as Shell and SyngentaPublic Sector organisations including the Met Office, FCO, Cabin Office, GO-Science, UNDP and NATO.

"We are incredibly excited to be partnering with the School of International Futures. Their impressive experience and knowledge in strategic foresight is a valuable offering and we are looking forward to being able to give delegates of the Civil Service College access to Catalina and Alun's insights and practical tutorage," said Sonny Leong CBE, Chief Executive of Civil Service College.

Planning for the future: building a successful foresight programme in your organisationis aimed at those with a basic understanding and experience of strategic foresight tools and techniques and who wish to implement these within their own organisations.

Planning for the future: building resilience and setting direction through strategic foresightis focused on Senior Executives and decision-makers who need to improve their organisation's resilience and make robust long-term decisions, but have had limited experience of strategic foresight.


To book this series of programmes or for further information call 020 8069 9000 or email


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