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Civil Service College awarded with the 'We Invest In People’ accreditation.

Thursday 17 February, 2022

Written by

Yazad Bhumgara

Marketing Assistant



2021 was another pandemic hit year in which businesses of all shapes and sizes struggled, but amongst these struggles were some memorable moments. For the Civil Service College, one of our proudest moments was our successful recipients of the ‘We Invest In People, Standardaccreditation.

Who are Investors in People?

Investors in People (IIP) is the UK’s leading people management standard, which started out as a government initiative in 1991 prior to becoming an independent community interest company in early 2017. Investors in People is recognised across 66 different countries and recently celebrated its 30th birthday in November 2021.

Why is it Important to Award IIP to Companies?

Investors in People is much more than just an accreditation and its importance shouldn’t be understated. Aside from the potential benefits of making an organisation more profitable or staff being more productive; becoming IIP accredited is important because it provides you with an expert overview of your organisation whilst offering valuable insight on how you can improve your organisation from an independent and trusted external source.

Upon receiving the accreditation, our Chief Executive, Sonny Leong CBE, had this to say:


“We are pleased and proud to be awarded this accreditation. Supporting and investing in our people are two of our core values. We are honoured to be amongst the best.”

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Why Did We Want this Accreditation?

Part of the Civil Service College’s wider vision is to become a trusted partner of the government and the public sector. Our recipience of the IIP accreditation, which is recognised in over 66 countries as a ‘leading people management standard’ is a step towards this goal. After all, we accept that for our clients to be able to trust the Civil Service College, we need to show that we believe in the services we offer. It was our hope that by becoming IIP accredited, we could reinforce one of the core beliefs of the Civil Service College to  our prospective clients, which is our belief in the importance of ‘continuous development.’

Who else is IIP Accredited?

There are a large variety of organisations who are IIP accredited, including UK Government departments and other public sector bodies such as; Companies House, Arts Council England, NHS Foundation Trusts and District Councils.