Being an Effective Non-Executive Director

"Tony's use of case studies was an excellent way of illustrating theories in a practical way: I learnt more about the importance of risk assurance, of transparency and openness."

Health and Safety Executive

The role of Non-Executive Director (NED) may have been viewed in the past as akin to semi-retirement, but these days the significance of the role has changed. It is a demanding position that is built on extensive experience and thus requires up-to-date skills in strategic positioning, good governance, risk management and financial literacy. A NED is a member of the board of directors of a company or organisation who does not form part of the employed executive management team and are not an employee of the company.

Non-Executive Directors are expected to scrutinise the work of the Executives, be independent in character and judgement, and not allow relationships or circumstances to affect their decisions. In reality, the practical application of the skills required of a Non-Executive Director can often be challenging and it can be easy for NEDs to fall into the trap of adopting the same mindset as the Executive Directors.

The Being an Effective Non-Executive Director course is also suitable for established non-executive directors who would like to strengthen their skills, deliver greater efficiency, help contribute to an effective board and to achieve their organisation's strategic objectives.

Being an Effective Non-Executive Director is an exceptionally popular training course within our Accountability & Governance series led by Catharine Seddon who brings 13 years of NED experience with national regulators in four different government departments.

At the Civil Service College, we tailor our courses to each attendee’s role and organisation, ensuring that each participant gets the most out of the training. Our courses and trainers are continuously updated and evaluated to ensure that we are always delivering the best service possible.


Key Training Features

Who Can Attend

Learning Outcome

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Key Training Features:

  • How to research potential new posts to ensure they fit your skills and motivation
  • Necessary and valued skills in public sector bodies
  • Valued Behaviours
  • Behaviours to avoid
  • Enhancing knowledge and performance as a NED

Who Can Attend:

This training course is designed for both new Non-Executive Directors and board members who would like an introduction to the duties and responsibilities of their new positions as well as established NEDs who wish to further enhance their skills.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will have the opportunity to learn through the use of case studies what experience and skills are needed to make an effective public sector Non-Executive Director. Participants will also gain an understanding of good and bad behaviours when acting as a NED, which skills are necessary and valued in public sector bodies, as well as an understanding of how to enhance their knowledge and performance as a NED.

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The Public Sector: Managing the Unmanageable by Alexander Stevenson
The Public-Private Partnership Handbook by Malcom Morley




10:00 - 13:00


£625 + VAT


Westminster, London

Face to Face

15 September 2022 Book5

15 November 2022 Book7

Lead Trainer

Catharine Seddon

Catharine Seddon

Catharine has 13 years of NED experience with UK regulators in four different government departments. Her interests include; strategy, governance and risk management.

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Catharine Seddon

Catharine Seddon

Catharine brings 13 years of NED experience with national regulators in four different government departments. Her particular interests include strategy, governance, risk management and regulatory decision-making. 

After twenty years as an award-winning documentary film maker for  the BBC and running her own production company,  Catharine took up her first NED post  with the Human Tissue Authority She  subsequently became its Audit and Risk Assurance Chair and its Senior Independent Director (SID). She is currently the SID for the Gambling Commission and, as a Commissioner,  sits on the Commission’s Remuneration Committee, its fourth National Lottery Committee and its change programme, RESET. She is a member of the Legal Services Board where she chairs  its Audit and Risk Assurance Committee. She is a member and chair-designate of the Audit and Governance Committee of the HFEA  and  a member of the Determinations Panel of the Pensions Regulator. She sits on tribunals in mental health and employment and as a lay assessor on  civil cases in the county courts and she is a presiding magistrate. She has recently been appointed to the Health Service Products Appeal Tribunal. She is also a trustee for CPotential, a special needs charity. 

“I liked the examples; they really helped to illustrate the trainer’s points.”

Cabinet Office

"Great course, expert presentation on the topic. It has made me reflect on what I can bring to my organisation"


"Very well executed session and extremely helpful."

Home Office

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