Popular Topics


Popular topics for all types of in-house and tailored training include, but are no means limited, to the following:


Working with Ministers and Parliament

-        Briefing, writing and submissions

-        Private Office development

-        Understanding Government, Parliament and the Civil Service

-        Understanding and negotiating with the EU



-        Authentic leadership

-        The transition from manager to leader

-        Developing strategy

-        Leading change


Management development

-        Decision making and problem solving

-        Team building and getting the best out of your team

-        Managing people and performance and performance appraisals

-        Tackling poor performance or attendance and conducting difficult conversations

-        Managing change

-        Recruitment and interviewing

-        Managing your time effectively

-        Managing remote teams


Personal impact and influence

-        Assertiveness and confidence

-        Negotiating skills for the everyday workplace

-        Image and presence

-        Personal style and credibility

-        Influencing others

-        Thinking on your feet


Essentials skills

-        Writing and presenting

-        Finance for non-financial people

-        Developing your career

-        Running small projects