NewMastering Male Midlife: Taking control, look after yourself & create the future you want

There is, rightly, a lot of talk about menopause and midlife for women.  Mastering Male Midlife brings a balance and stresses the importance of knowing what may happen for men at this time of life, ways that they can look after their health and wellbeing, and takes a special look at overcoming stress and building resilience.

21st Century men are encouraged to be empathetic, emotionally intelligent, to share their feelings, and to look after themselves.  However, popular culture often ignores the things that can affect them and has even disempowered them, adding to the pressures and society’s expectations.

This session gives an overview of midlife for men.  It looks at the possible physical, “medical” and emotional impacts.  It concentrates on the positive - how to take control and look after ourselves.

The session is aimed at men who want to take control, support themselves, hear the facts and take control to achieve a stronger, positive future

Key Features

Learning Outcomes

Who Can Attend?

Key Features

  • What and when is midlife?
  • The potential experiences men may have during this time
  • Changes that occur as we age and what we can do about them
  • The importance of wellbeing in all its aspects: physical; emotional; sexual; and nutritional
  • The “recurring themes” of wellbeing
  • Things we can do to look after ourselves, ranging from nutrition, through exercise, to keep the mind active
  • What is stress and some strategies for mitigating and overcoming it?
  • How the mind works and how to use that knowledge to create positive and effective goals to create a better future

Learning Outcomes

  • An understanding and appreciation of when midlife may have its impact and what can happen
  • An understanding and appreciation of the importance of nutritional and physical wellbeing
  • An understanding of how the body changes, including hormones and physical aspects
  • Why mental wellbeing is vital and what can be done to mitigate stress and build resilience
  • A way of understanding how we can use our minds to develop a route map for personal empowerment to create a positive way forward

Who Can Attend?

Anyone who wants to find out about male midlife - what can happen, what can be done in terms of nutrition and health and a particular look and the importance of looking after mental wellbeing.

Why is this important to the trainer?

Diversity and Inclusion should include everyone and not focus on any group to the exclusion or disadvantage of any other.  The more everyone understands the possible life experiences of those around them, the better it is for us all.

Roger has worked for many years supporting people in the areas of emotional wellbeing, stress, and resilience.  My passion is helping people to realise more of their potential and to understand how their mind works (non-technically!) and how they can use that knowledge to develop their potential and create an effective vision for their future



10:00 - 16:00


£595 +VAT


Westminster, London

Face to Face

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Lead Trainer

Dr Roger Prentis

Roger started his career in medical research at St Bartholomew's Hospital. His background in mental health led him into consultancy and training, specialising in helping people and organisations to fulfil their potential.

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Dr Roger Prentis

Roger started his career in medical research at St Bartholomew's Hospital in London and went on to become a computer systems specialist.  His background in mental health led him into consultancy and training where he specialises in helping people and organisations to develop their potential.  He has worked in the private, public, NGO and charity sectors in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia and has also worked with the UN, various Diplomatic and Educational clients.

Bringing this range of skills and interests together, Roger has become the leading advocate of wellbeing for men at midlife, with a particular focus how they can take control of their lives and create their own positive future.

Roger was a Special Adviser and Chief of Staff in the House of Lords (Upper House of the UK Parliament) for 10 years where he also regularly chaired meetings and arranged events.  He is an NLP Master Practitioner and Master Hypnotherapist and uses these skills to help people overcome Post Traumatic Stress.


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