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Specialist solutions to meet the challenges of NHS reforms

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The NHS reforms mean substantial changes to the future of healthcare.  The structure is changing to one that is run from the bottom up with ownership and decision making in the hands of professionals and patients.  In an environment where shared decision making will become the norm and patients will have a choice of provider, new skills are needed.


Strategic issues

It is essential that learning and development is aligned to the changing demands and challenges of the NHS reforms and result in a new structure that is genuinely centred on patients and carers. Some of the key strategic issues include:

  • More partnership working and greater collaboration across boundaries, including with local authorities and between hospitals and practices.
  • Achieving best value in service delivery by continually improving performance to secure efficiency, economy and effectiveness.
  • Eliminating discrimination and reduces inequalities in care.
  • Supporting organisational development (OD)of the NHS
  • Greater transparency, with clearer accountabilities for quality and results.


How we can help

We can work with you to produce organisational efficiencies and to develop capacity in leadership, management and personal skills to meet the challenges of the NHS reforms. Our development is invaluable for staff within Clinical Commissioning Groups and Commissioning Support Units. We are eager to work at all levels to help you achieve change. Against a backdrop of resource cuts and competing priorities we can also help you decide where to focus your training for the greatest benefit.  

We have expertise in the following key areas for the NHS:

Management and Leadership

  • Delayering and working in a flatter structure
  • People management
  • Decision making
  • Collaboration and working in partnership
  • Engagement and stakeholder management

Financial management

  • Finance for specialist
  • Finance for non-financial staff

  Continuous improvement

  • Lean
  • Business processes


Why choose us?

  • Our senior team have spent an average of thirty years apiece in the public sector and our staff have direct experience of working within the NHS. We also work with public bodies with a close interest in local services such as health and social care agencies and the police and fire services. 
  • We tailor training solutions to meet your exact needs and circumstances - you get what is right for you.
  • All of our training is based on proven solutions and best practise - you will never be a guinea pig.
  • We offer training solutions and consultancy services. We're experts in the areas most important to the NHS such as: efficiency; stakeholder management; partnership and collaboration; leadership; managing change; people and performance and organisational development.
  • We're well versed in providing solutions for organisations that are concerned about the effect of cuts and 'more for less' upon productivity and relations between management and staff. 


Contact us

We'd be delighted to hear from you. Please email or call for an informal conversation to discuss your needs. Or if you would like to meet face-to-face, there is no charge for a preliminary meeting.

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