Sector Specific

Learning and development aligned with sector strategy and key challenges


We have a genuine understanding of service delivery and operational issues in specialist sectors.  


Our learning and development programme and consultancy services are aligned with the sectors' key challenges.  They're designed to help tackle the crucial issues of employee engagement, performance, change management, efficiency and access to services.

In an environment where restructuring, constant change and doing more with less is the new norm, customer and employee relationships are under ever-increasing stain.  Our expertise lies in helping you find ways to reduce workplace tensions and improve customer outcomes. And if you'd like objective, expert opinion to help you gain clarity in an environment of competing priorities, we can work with you to focus your critical resources of people, processes, systems and budgets to make the greatest impact.


Health Sector

Solutions to to help manage the change to the new commissioning process and NHS reforms.


Local Authorities

Solutions to help deal with the effect of funding cuts on employee relationships and service delivery.