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Our approach to consultancy

Our people have helped the public sector successfully tackle people development and organisation development challenges over many years.  Our knowledge of the public sector gives us a practical approach to advisory and consulting work that clients appreciate because it is grounded in the real world.

A production-line solution is not the answer to a specific problem so our priority is to listen carefully, ask the questions you may not have considered and make sure we get behind the symptoms to tackle the real cause of an issue.  


Some common consultancy themes are: 

Training needs analysis

The starting point to putting in place a training programme for your team, business unit, or even across your whole organisation is an understanding of where the skills gaps lie.  We can help you find out by conducting a tailored analysis of your development needs.

Developing a programme of training

Following on from the results of a training needs analysis, we can help you to develop a cost-effective training programme that will address the skills gaps and raise performance.

Continuous improvement and Lean

The philosophy of continuous improvement has spread from the production line to many parts of the public sector.  It's believed by many as essential to achieving efficiency in these days of doing more with less.  Our consultants will help you to review your business processes, to identify waste and duplication and how to eliminate it.  The result is that your people are freed up to spend more time on the things that matter.

Employee engagement

Whether you need help with compiling a staff survey, in making sense of the results or communicating its messages to your people we can help with all manner of consultancy around the theme of employee engagement.  For organisations the conversation has moved on.  It's no longer enough for an organisation to simply identify its values but much more important that its people actually live them.  Let us help you discover what your staff think and feel about their work and their key drivers of engagement.

Leading, managing and embedding change

From culture change to restructuring, organisations from all sectors are littered with failed change projects, often because the people side of change has been neglected.  Few things are as stressful to people as change yet without it organisations can't adapt or improve.   We can help leaders discover what will be their people's potential fear or resistance to an upcoming change project and how they can be equipped to deal with it.   We can help leaders define and communicate it in terms that are meaningful to staff and addresses the direct impact it will have upon them.  And we can help leaders manage and embed the change.

Equality and diversity

All organisations should understand their role in implementing equality and diversity.  It is an integral part of management, leadership, policy-making and service delivery.  It is something that must be considered from the outset, at the design and development stage, and not as a bolt-on after the decisions have been made.  We can help you consider the needs of your workforce and customers and develop targets and an action plan for change.




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